Companies always need to improve their manufacturing performance, and increasingly desire their staff to take ownership of such issues, instead of relying on central technology functions or consultants to propose solutions.


Work teams are far more successful at tackling such problems when personal competency levels are improved, using soundly based technical knowledge, rather than relying on trial and error, or mis-informed assumptions.


TSC has developed a range of training programs for the aluminium industry. Usually these are delivered at the client’s facility, and so the content can be tailored to match the requirements of the attendees.


Our courses have evolved over the past 10 years to provide a more interactive experience for the attendees, as we have found this leads to better knowledge retention. All our courses comprise a mixture of talks, interspersed with a series of hands-on workshops, which the attendees tackle in pairs, or in small groups. Typical workshops types include

  • Knowledge Map (K-Map) based analysis sessions for products and processes
  • workshops using computer process models
  • physical experiments using analogue systems (e.g. water, play-doh)
  • team based production problem solving


We also strongly encourage our clients to allow the attendees to run small, applied projects immediately following the program, usually in small teams, mentored by senior local staff (and often TSC).


The following courses are available:

  • Molten Metal Treatment & D.C Casting (3 days)
  • Introduction to Rolling Process (3¬† days)
  • Introduction to Rolled Products (2 days)
  • Introduction to Extrusion Processing (2 days)

… the courses need not be run on consecutive days, and can be scheduled to suit the client.


All attendees receive a binder containing all course material, in addition to electronic copies of talks and workshops.

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TSC also runs an annual “open” course each April on Molten Metal and DC Casting, attended by staff from many different companies.

Details of the next course can be found here: DC Casting

Last updated: 3 Sept 2015