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Training Courses

tsc offers a range of technical training courses. We can deliver any of these courses as live online sessions, tailoring them to your needs. Alternatively courses can be held in person at your premises.

We offer courses in the following areas of technology:

Remelt and Casthouse   |   Extrusion Process   |   Rolling Process   |   Product Metallurgy

Upcoming Courses

Direct Chill (DC) Casting (October 2024)

Tuesday 8th October 2024, starting at 14:00 (UK time), and weekly until 10th December 2024

Direct Chill Casting covers the technology of DC casting in 10 weekly sessions. Starting with metal distribution and metal level control, and the factors controlling shell zone formation, leading to low head casting (sheet ingot) and gas pressure assisted casting (billet). It also considers the principles of mould opening design and optimisation of ingot shape in steady-state. The transient behaviour at start-up is considered, and technologies to control butt curl (sheet ingot) and start up cracks discussed. An introduction to the metallurgy of solidification is also provided.

Aluminium Scrap Recycling and Melting Furnaces (2025, Q1)

2025 To be confirmed,

This course comprises 6 weekly sessions, covering scrap processing, melting practices and dross processing. The course includes coated scrap processing, key melting metrics (metal rate, melt loss and energy efficiency), as well as the causes of dross formation, and the options for dross processing. Each session will consist of a seminar, and an associated workshop. The course can be attended as a standalone course, or seen as the first in a trilogy of related courses. It will be followed in 2025 by Molten Metal Treatment, and then DC Casting.


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