tsc Materials Engineering

Many manufacturing companies embark on product or process development for a variety of reasons, e.g.

  • simplification of the product mix
  • market demand for product improvements
  • entry to new markets

The developments often require extensive trials on a production line. These have a number of disadvantages:

  • potentially expensive (if using unqualified material)
  • cautious in scope (reluctance to stray too far from known operational windows)
  • slow to happen (pressure to accommodate in normal production schedule)
  • complex to manage (sampling at multiple stages in a process route)

We offer a faster, cheaper alternative using off-line experimental processing. This provides acceptable physical simulation of the commercial process route:

  • the final product can be tested
  • its evolution through the process stream can readily be determined
  • a wide range of candidate products can be screened in parallel with no danger of scrapping large volumes
  • a range of processing options can be assessed

Following a successful screening project, a full scale line trial can then be proposed with far more confidence of success.